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it is the one with the white cap believed to be on the loose, brian. so far, at least, brian ross, no identification of these suspects. >> we don't have a name yet, that's right, george. we do have, according to the massachusetts state police a clear connection between the two people being sought for the marathon bombing and the two individuals involved here. this continues to be a highly tense situation that they've got members of the s.w.a.t team overhere with automatic weapons and reporters trying to cover the story. one of our producers who wandered off to see what was happening down the road was forced to the ground at the point of a weapon because she had a black backpack on and told there are bombs everywhere, you have to get out of this area. we are also advised to keep our cell phones off at one point for plghig >> as you say, highly tense situation. i want to go now to pierre thomas, our chief justice correspondent in washington. pierre, i know the fbi special agent in charge is on the scene right now in watertown, but the top effort by the fbi in washington trying to id
in this wild police chase. brian ross is in watertown at the scene and we're going to go to him and find out what the latest is. brian are you there? >> reporter: yes, we are. there is no official confirmation as to who has been taken into custody. we're told one person has been taken into custody and a second is being sought. this is an event that began four or five hours ago and unfolding ever since. one of our producers who was down the road here was told to get back from the area, whoever they are looking for is throwing bombs. the bomb squads are there. be vary -- very careful. i heard them give instructions to make sure shay don't discharge their weapons. it's a highly tense situation. [ indiscernible ] talking about, looking for suspects one and two in the marathon bombing has been spotted here by abc news. we were just told by a state police officer there will be a news conference comip place right whe anding. it's a fluid situation and we are awaiting to official confirmation as to who was involved. we had initial word from massachusetts police that this is connected to the marathon
? brian ross, if you can hear me now, do you know anything about that? is there any chance that the older brother's wife is in custody now, do we know anything? sounds as if brian is debriefing somebody on scene there, i'll go to pierre thomas with the same question? he is doing the same thing. you are getting an eyewitness on reporting at work, the abc news force. this is what we do, seeking out every single piece of information. so, we're doing it with you, you are part of our news room, in a sense here online. and we have someone else on the telephone? irene santoro. irene, hello, it's diane. tell me what you saw. >> hello, diane. yes, well, we've been here on franklin street, well, all day, and we've been hearing everything all night, as well. with hall continuers and lights, et set that here. but presently, we have about, oh, maybe about 70 police vehicles lining of washburn street. that's perpendicular to franklin street, which is right in front of our house. and it's something that, it's a little ironic, because as soon as the governor lifted the ban that we could leave our home is
strong." i want to go back to brian ross, i understand we now have him able to hear me. brian, tell me what you've learned. >> reporter: well, i was just talking to the state police here who indicated that he is on his way now, the suspect, to mass general hospital. they described him as in serious if not critical condition. so, he's not in good shape. when they got there, they say he was sort of half hanging out of the boat. he had been bleeding extensively. the spokesman could not say where the bleeding was but that apparently it was a result from the gun fight the night before. they point out it was 22 1/2 hours after they began searching for him that they did find him. he was in the stern of the boat. they tossed in two or three of the flash bang grenades, if i have that terminology right, martha, in the bow of the boat, to stun him and to make him essentially unable to operate and they say he was so weak, he an thesn't able to do ahi took him into custody and he was not -- he was not wearing a suicide vest. >> not wearing a suicide vest. again, earlier, we heard an eyewitness say
specialing at, often these terrorist lead double lives. we begin with chief investigative brian ross, on the ground, all through the night in watertown, brian, a night of gunfire, bombs, police hunting down the terrorists right now. >> reporter: indeed, george. he was last seen 12 hours ago here in watertown, since then, no sightings of him. so the search is almost urgent. authorities are saying that suspect number two dzhokhar tsarnaev is armed and extremely dangerous, may be wearing a suicide vest. >> indications are strong that the current outstanding party may be wearing a suicide vest. again, all units use extreme caution approaching any party that matches the description of the outstanding party. >> reporter: it began last night. with the robbery of a convenience store in cambridge at approximately 7:30. a surveillance camera inside the store, caught the image of the man eye dented mied five hours earlier of suspect number two in the marathon bombings. on the campus of m.i.t. a shoot-out that left an police officer dead. next, the two men carjacked a rcedes and then led the pol
at these three are dead. more than 140 injured including 17 critically. i'm here with brian ross and martha raddatz and, brian, we now know that the fbi is in charge of this investigation. >> they have taken the lead in the investigation. they called it potential terrorism. they have yet not enough evidence to tell whether it's domestic terrorism, international terrorism but looking for all kinds of clues in the videos that were taken by witnesses and also the clues of what the explosive was made out of which can be helpful in determining the signature of the bombmaker. >> their first press conference yesterday they were asking residents of boston to send in any video they had and would comb through it. martha raddatz, one of the interesting factors there was no specific threat coming in before the marathon. >> there were no specific threats whatsoever. it was just a beautiful day in boston. the boston marathon, of course, we had national guard there and a lot of police presence, but nothing indicating any sort of terrorist attack or any kind of attack. >> okay, we see the officials walking
to start off right now with brian ross. brian, what is the latest? >> good morning, george. been identified as suspect number one at yesterday's fbi news conference is dead, according to the head of the massachusetts state police. the man identified as suspect number two, the man in the white cap is at large. the evening began, apparently, with an attempted hold up at a 7-eleven store. video from inside the store matched the suspect number two from the marathon bombings. at that point they went and tried to steal a car, a mercedes suv. in the interim they shot and killed, according to state police, a police officer at m.i.t., another transit police officer was wounded. the chase continued here to watertown with explosives, according to authorities. the people in the car were shooting and throwing hand grenades. there was a shootout and at that point suspect number one, whose name we do not know, was shot. suspect number two escaped and now a huge manhunt o this area for suspect number two. residents have been told to stay inside. do not open the door for anybody except a police officer. the
is out in full force right now. we start with chief investigative correspondent brian ross, who has been on this story from the jump. he has a blow-by-blow account of how the arrest went down. brian, good morninto you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the capture was dramatic and quick. authorities said they brought justice to the victims of the marathon bombings and turned despair into delight. [ chanting ] >> all: usa, usa! >> we are eternally grateful for the outcome here tonight. we have a suspect in custody. >> reporter: just 25 minutes after officials lifted a day-long lockdown for residents and conceded the suspect probably got away, a watertown resident went out to walk his dog and noticed blood on the side of his boat stored on a trailer in the back driveway. >> he looked in and saw a man covered in blood. owhelicopter with frared sensors detected movement in the boat. >> we're getting information from the aircraft that there is definite movement in the rear of that boat. >> reporter: 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev had eluded the massive police manhunt by hiding in the boat. until
. but want to go to brian ross in watertown and clearly, brian, this situation is intensified over the last half hour or so after we saw governor deval patrick and the chief, the police commissioner come out and warn everyone to stay inside. a lot more information coming in, brian ross. >> reporter: certainly is and very grim-faced governor and police officials not sharing all they know, but deeply concerned enough to lock down the entire city of boston. tell everybody to stay inside and lock their doors in watertown where they've been searching for suspect number two since about 10:30, 11:00 last night. there's a no-fly zone and a police helicopter circling about a half mile is the primw where they're looking for suspect number two. he is the 19-year-old brother. the other one, the dead suspect, 26 apparently moved here just five years ago and we can see and he was trying to become a boxer on the u.s. olympic boxing team and he wrote on a page posted there, "i have no american friends. i don't understand em?." >> okay, brian. we got from a police scanner chilling information. take
this morning is what's left of that common pressure cooker. that's where abc's brian ross continues our coverage. >> reporter: this is what remains of the pressure cooker turned into a homemade bomb seen in this fbi crime lab photo obtained by abc news. it was hidden in a black backpack. the simple bombs were responsible for 12 seconds of horror. cell phone footage shot by a spectator between the two explosions. authorities are going through race day videos frame by frame. here the white smoke seen after the detonation indicates a bomb built with low velocity explosive mixtures, not the more powerful military grade. >> they may not have had the resources as we've seen in other bomb attacks, but they knew how to make the bomb go boom. >> reporter: but tuesday there was a new plea for help in identifying the bomber. >> any individual who expressed a desire to target the marathon, suspicious interest in researching how to create explosive devices, the noise of explosions in remote areas prior to yesterday, which may have been used as tests by those responsible for these acts. >> reporter:
victims of the newton tragedy. i'm here are josh elliott, brian ross, martha raddatz. everyone reported this story all night long after those 12 seconds of terror in boston. >> about three blocks from here, george, just to our left on boylston street and what we can tell you about this mile 26, it's not a finish line now, it looks far more like a war zone. three are dead. 145 injured at least. 15 of them critically as we saw national guardsmen actually deploying into the subway stop right here, as they are moving stop to top through the city this morning. >> boston is shut down and cities across the country are on high alert. we'll talk to also a number of eyewitnesses including the college student who crossed the finish line at the moment of the bomb's impact. >> a new factor now for the entire country. how will our fashion change? and for so many parents waking up with children this morning, what do you say to your kids this morning about the terror here in boston? amy robach, sam champ quion in times square this morning. where there's also a very big police presence. >> we'll get to
ross joins us. brian, what do they know? >> good evening, terry. right now, this is an investigation with great urgency because whoever did it is still at large and it's not known whether more attacks are planned. today there was a great breakthrough. according to the fbi, they have recovered the partial mangled remains of one of the bombs that did not fully explode. it turns out it's made out of common kitchen items, a pressure cooker. this exact model that we bought for $140 tonight about a half mile from here. but at a bomb it was palled with wires, electronic circuit board, tiny ball bearings and nails. all designed to maim and kill and get maximum damage to its victims. this is what remains of the pressure cooker turned into a moment made bomb. seen in this fbi crime lab photo obtained by abc news. it was hidden in a black backpack. what's left of it seen in this photo. the simple bombs were responsible for 12 seconds of horror. cell phone footage shot by a spectator between the two explosions. >> i have have victim here with shrapnel in the leg. >> we need another ambulance dow
in place. and i want to go to brian ross. brian? >> choppers moved in. it's back to the same, serious and overwhelming presence of law enforcement. and they're back now to the point where they think they have a sense of where he is. as they're are bringing in resources you can imagine u-turns and law enforcement front teams with word that. they have special s.w.a.t. teams responding they know how to deal with something like that. they know this is a cop killer, they don't want to be one of the cops kill sod they're going to go in with caution, heavy body armor and weapons. >> i want to go to peer thomas. you said there was a fear the suspect could be watching the media and fact they sent everybody into the street again makes you wonder the timing. was that a diversion? they didn't want him to know perhaps they spotted him? they were on him? >> that wouldo be that this was gainsmanship by law enforcement officials. they were so concerned he was monitoring them, they didn't want to give hints ofr operations so we have calls out in washington making -- may take time for information to fl
team is standing by to bring you the latest reporting, and we'll start with abc's brian ross who is in boston tonight. brian? >> reporter: no one is in custody, but there are new fast-moving developments and valuable new clues about the bomb and the bomber. investigators at the crime scene have already recovered the mangled remains of one pressure cooker bomb which apparently failed to fully explode, according to counterterrorism officials briefed on the case. late today the fbi said it's looking for a man carrying an unusually heavy black bag. >> the bag would have been heavy because of the components believed to be in it. >> reporter: the fbi has lots of
, right outside boston. brian ross is in boston this morning. outside the hospital where the suspect is right now. brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. he's reported to be in serious but stable condition. he was brought here last night. capping a remarkable 24-hour period that began when the fbi first released surveillance footage of two unidentified men. within the course of two hours, they had been identified by police after being spotted at a convenience store where there was a robbery. they went on to abush a police officer on the m.i.t. campus. it resulted in a wild car case through the streets cambridge and water totown. with the two brothers inside returning fire and throwing out gren fades and homemade explosives. a further gun fight in watertown where the older brother was mortally wounded. a police officer was wounded. the 19-year-old college student tuk off on foot. the authorities launched a mass i have manhunt. had the whole city of watertown and much of boston on lockdown. as they look for him. the area he was ultimately found the be hiding was one block
brian ross. >> reporter: the federal courthouse in boston where any suspect would likely stand trial was evacuated late in the day because of a bomb threat that understandably was taken very seriously. >> what are they telling you? >> code red, evacuate the building. >> code red, evacuate the building. >> reporter: no bomb was found, it was only two days ago that terror and strategy struck boston at the finish line of its storied patriots day marathon. it set off a frantic search to find the killer or killers with an entirely new set of methods at the disposal of investigators who are now looking for the person or persons responsible. >> everyone does have a digital profile that offers you a couple of opportunities. the first opportunity it offers you is to try to find the right people to look at. if someone's talking about an act of violence, that somebody obviously should come into the investigative lens. >> reporter: authorities say the fbi is focused on photographs, including some taken by a surveillance camera at the lord and taylor store, that show a man in the race day crowd u
investigative correspondent, brian ross. brian? >> reporter: diane, authorities put out the word today, just 48 hours after the bombs went off, that they might have found the bomber. the developments came on a day of unfulfilled expectations and a serious case of security jitters. >> this is not a drill. this is not a drill. >> reporter: the federal courthouse, where any suspect would stand trial, was evacuated late this afternoon because of a bomb threat that, understandably, was taken very seriously. >> what are they telling you? >> code red evacuation. >> code red, evacuate the building. >> reporter: no bomb was found. but the law enforcement response forced a postponement of a news conference where officials had planned to talk about a possible suspect. authorities say the fbi is focused on photographs, including some taken by a surveillance camera at the lord & taylor store, that show a man in the race-day crowd, using a cellphone, with a black bag strapped across his chest that authorities say may contain the bomb. the key frames are just a few of the millions of frames of video examined
, martha raddatz and brian ross working the story all night long joining us this morning and, josh, this image from "the boston globe" really captures it all, "marathon terror." >> all the more staggering considering the day, patriots' day, a day important to the whole of new england. day read in one story where this city becomes a village and think what happens in the village center, that town center torn apart. >> patriots' day, 117th running of the boston marathon. all of boston coming out to celebrate even a game at fenway yesterday afternoon but look at the terror and chaos after those bombs hit. we have brand-new video coming in right now. people trapped between the two he can explosions exactly 12 seconds apart. watch and listen. this is what it felt like if you were caught between the two bombs. >> holy [ muted ]. >> oh, my god. [ explosion ] >> and, josh, 12 seconds of terror and captured so clearly right there. came right before 3:00 p.m., about 2:50. that hour when the bulk of runners would cross the finish line. >> the average finish was 4:18. this happened at about the
of images from the scene, brian ross leads our coverage from boston. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. there's a growing sense of confidence here this morning based on the fbi discovery of a video that appears to catch the moment when a man placed a bag with one of the bombs. officials tell abc news that the best view of the possible suspect comes from a high definition camera at the lord and taylor department store. these shots broadcast by whdh before and then after the blast also played a key role according to authorities. officials so far have declined to make public any image of the man they now suspect. much of the review of the evidence is being done by a special team of agents who have set up in a restricted area near the boston harbor, the so called operational technology division. this is where the evidence is brought for examination and where agents can use special facial recognition software to turn faces into names. >> there is software that allows for facial recognition, even at a distance. it's not 100%, but even a 70 or 80% correlation would narrow down the num
at the possibility of more accomplices, as well and want to go to abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross for more on that. brian. >> reporter: well, george, they've imposed a no-fly zone over watertown, several thousand police, i would say, have been here going door to door trying to find this suspect. so far without success. we expect the governor, he's just pulled up over here with heavily armed police surrounding him, as well and, in fact, before they set this up, they had dogs come through they said for our safety to make sure that we'd be safe. they continue to feel that this suspect, number two, may not be the only one they're looking for, so they're very concerned there could be other devices and other associates that are attached to this group that hit the boston marathon on monday and then, of course, the wild and violent overnight >> let's get more on this from pierre thomas in washington. pierre, as you've been reporting, brothers from chechnya, at least the two suspects we know of. >> reporter: that's the operating assumption right now, george, and just to piggyback on what
believe happened? let's begin with abc's brian ross, with the latest right now. brian? >> good evening. there are important new clues into the bomb and the bomber. but the road begins with an examination of that bomb. important new details have emerged from fbi agents who say they have recovered a significant part, a mangled piece of one of the bombs, recovered on the scene. it turns out to be a common kitchen item. they say it is a medium-sized pressure cooker that was packed with explosives, wires, and an electronic circuit board, as well as tiny nails and ball bearings, in order to maximize the damage to anyone in the blast zone. authorities believe they can examine that particular half bomb now. they've got it at the base in virginia, where it's being examined by fbi technicians. they believe they can find signatures and footprints that would be unique to that bomb and perhaps match it up to other bombs somewhere else in the world, somewhere else in this country. that will be the road to finding the bomber. the fbi put out a plea to anyone who saw a person carrying an unusually hea
. the latest reporting and we'll start with abc's brian ross who is no boston tonight. brian? >> reporter: no one is in custody, but there are new developments about the bomb and the bomber. vffingsors at the crime scene have already recovered the remains of one pressure cooker bomb which failed to fully explode. according to officials briefed on the case. late today the fbi said it's looking for a man carrying an unusually heavy black bag. >> the bag would have been heavy because of the components believed to be in it. >> reporter: the fbi has losts of clues already. the white smoke indicates a bomb built with low velocity mixture turs, not military grade. >> they may not have had the resources as we've seen in other bomb attacks, but they knew how to make the bomb go boom. >> reporter: experts say the large pieces of metal, as seen here in the air suggest the bombs might have been concealed in or under a mailbox or trash barrel, as one witness described. >> i literally saw the garbage barrel explode. i saw at the flash, the fire, the smoke and i ran as fast as i could. >> all the eviden
ross, will take us frame by frame through the clues. brian? >> reporter: good evening. federal authorities now believe that a team of at least two men was responsible for the bombings here. as you say, described as armed and extremely dangerous. the fbi is basing its two-bomber theory on these surveillance camera videos and still pictures made public late today. two white men in their 20s, according to the fbi. one with a black cap, the second with a white cap worn backwards. both wearing backpacks that the fbi believe held the bombs. off to the side of this video, runners can be seen heading to the finish line and time code markers indicate the footage was made about 13 minutes before the first bomb went off. the fbi says only one of the two potential suspects, the one with the white cap, was actually seen placing his backpack at the scene of an explosion. >> we are releasing photos of these two suspects. re identift o. they appear to be associated. >> reporter: officials say they made the images public now becae they nd the faces to names. but they warn these are dangerous me
brian ross on the ground all through the night in watertown, brian, a night of gunfire, a night of bombs and now door-to-door search for that dangerous terrorist. >> reporter: that's right, george and dangerous is the word. the fbi described him yesterday as armed and extremely dangerous, those words are certainly true. residents of this town have been told they may not leave their homes. they cannot go in cars, all stores have been shut. this town is shut down as a terrorist is somewhere in the vicinity. it began with the robbery of a convenience store in cambridge, around 10:30 thursday night. a surveillance camera inside the store captured the image that masked the man identified only five hours earlier as suspect number two in the maratho bombin a short while later on the campus of m.i.t. in cambrie, shoot-ou left an m.i.t. police officer dead. next the two men caredck a merced su and led police on a wild, violent chase through the streets of cambridge into neighboring watertown. >> we have reports that they have explosives here at the scene. there are explosives here at the scene. >
brian ross say the taxis are allowed to move around at this point. >> the city has been on lockdown. we have lindsay davis with us now in watertown. she has stepped away right now. is bon us?
ross is right there on the scene reporting the story all night long. good morning, brian. >> reporter: well, good morning, george. this is a fast-breaking investigation with a major breakthrough already. the recovery by the fbi of the mangled partial remains of one of the bombs that apparently failed to fully explode all made of a common kitchen item. crime scene technicians discovered the key components along the race route and sent
anything like it. brian ross on the ground in watertown right now. thousands of police converging on that small town and the other surrounding suburbs of boston. >> reporter: george, i would say not since september 11th of 2001 has it been a sense of powerlessness by the people who live in america that they are at the mercy of unknown terrorists, they've been asked in boston to stay inside, lock their doors, not go out. it's an astounding situation. they haven't really seen in 12 years. >> and, brian, we just heard pierre tell us a few moments ago about one of the killers, the suspect now dead, just walking cooley towards police. do the police have any idea in which direction the suspect number two headed when he was in that mercedes suv? >> reporter: they thought he took off. they thought they had surrounded him in here, but there's been reports since then of spotting him elsewhere and we're just about -- yeah. and we're about to get another announcement. le -- >> the chief the transit on his office.ent will brief you macllin. he will not take any statements. chief? >> good morni
no evidence it was a foreign attack. brian ross on nbc news reported that iraq was behind the attack and i told him his report was wrong. there was still an urge from abc news to describe that as a terrorist attack. you do have to just be guarded until you know. even if it is domestic, you don't know who is behind it, what the reasons are, et cetera. so, again, until you know, don't reach conclusions. let law enforcement and people who wear the uniform, police be the first responders in the communication war as well. the communication response i should say as well to what has happened. the white house should lag behind the others. they're on the ground. they'll get the facts first and then brief the white house. that sequence makes perfect sense. >> ari fleischer, thank you very much. backing how the president responded to this event so far. to those of you just joining us, i want to go through the latest on what we know about the attack in boston today. two people are dead and according to our affiliate, one of the victims is an 8-year-old child. at least 110 have been injured right now.
member. we covered that here. it was brian ross. to george stephanopoulos and then this journalistic malpractice happens and then what, there is no repercussions for them. tradition has it, you pointed out, it's awlsd radicals. radical leftist and radical vegans. only non-muslim is a guy named andrea san diego on the fbi's most wanted list is he a vegan and blows stuff up. >> what how about the radical right wing steven king who said -- this is what he said. worse than radical. this is -- the reason that we should not have immigration bill is because of boston. leaving the assumption is immigrants come in here and did this sort of thing. >> we have got to go to the press conference. president obama is about to speak concerning the senate vote. i think we have him right here. here would go. >> a few months ago, in response to too many tragedies, including the shootings of a united states congresswoman, gabby gifford who is here today and the murd of 20 innocent school children and their teachers,. >> that's all we are doing? >> protecting more of our people. >> they can get the rest o
with chief correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: investigators at the crime scene have recovered the mangled remains of one pressure cooker bomb, which failed to completely explode according to officials briefed on the case. and the fbi said, it is looking for a man who was carrying an unusually heavy black bag. >> the bag would have been heavy because of the component believed to be in it. >> reporter: the fbi has other clues in the videos. the white smoke seen after the detonation indicates a bomb built with low-velocity explosive mixtures, not military grade. >> they may not have had the resources as we've seen in other bomb attacks, but they knew how to make the bomb go boom. >> reporter: experts say the large pieces of metal as seen here in the air, suggests the bombs may have been concealed in a mail box or trash barrel, as one witness describes. >> i saw the garbage barrel explode and the flash, the fire, the smoke and i just ran as fast as i could. >> reporter: mike sullivan is the former head of the atf. >> all the evidence they collect may not look like much, but for the investigat
. there are no suspects. we want to go back to abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross on the ground. brian, no suspects but everyone looking in that image of the pressure cooker. >> reporter: absolutely, george, and with nobody in custody, the bomber at large, there's still great urgency. the fbi believes the road to finding the bomber will be through the bomb and already they're trying to figure out who bought two pressure cookers like this one which we bought last night about $140 just a half mile from here. this is what was used to build the bombs. the fbi now has had a major breakthrough by recovering the twisted mangled remains of one of the bombs which did not apparently fully explode. those remains are now at the fbi crime lab in quantico, virginia, being closely examined by the fbi. as well, the fbi is going through what they call tons of video and still photos from all kinds of people who were at the race route that day, including the pictures taken by and broadcast by a boston tv station showing a white sack next to a mailbox right in front of the fence during the race route and
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)